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Re: Voyager Essentials Collection

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In that case, I absolutely MUST recommend Threshold. You have to watch it - all the way through. In fact, you should even go back and re-watch the parts involving Tom's transfiguration. ;P

Also, and you don't have to respond to anything I say, but why have you only listed episodes from seasons 5-7? Did you like that portion of the show more?
Season 5 was pretty much where I started to lose interest completely in voyager (i think i had just finished bride of chaotica when i made this post).... I really want to finish the series but going through so many of those filler episodes was starting to feel like work instead of being entertained..

and I did watch threshold (tom gets transmogrified into some kinda iguana thing and knocks up the captain)

Captain Ransom wrote: View Post
I'm by no means trying to contradict your point, I just wanted to add that I haven't seen any of the old movie serials you mentioned and I still enjoyed this episode immensely. I almost didn't recognize Janeway! =O She looked so... Adams-family-esque!

I also thought I might add, I have this funny hunch that Voyager is the Star Trek series that is "for girls." >_> And when I say that, I mean it in only the best way.

As a Star Trek series, Voyager has almost all of my favorite characters in it, and, oddly enough, almost all of them happen to be female.

Addams family!!! Absolutely.. forgot about that one.. and the munsters.. BOC totally had that feel

I agree with you, Voyagers inherent feminism feel (and im not knocking that approach..).. just felt "forced".. Janeway was trying too hard to be the bad ass captain that inspires loyalty.. And something i noticed this time around was that Kate Mulgrew REALLY overacts some of her parts.. Robert Beltran too.. but i honestly think the chakotay character should have been played by a much older actor..

If you want to talk sexist, look at how all the main male characters played second string to their female counterparts

(Chakotay -> Janeway)
(Tom -> Blana)
(Neelix -> Kes)
(Doctor.. -> practically everyone cept maybe 7)
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