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Re: Voyager Essentials Collection

Im sorry dude but Bride Of Chatoica was a bullshit episode. There was no sense of danger..The dialog was way WAY over the top (even for a b-side)... It was like reading an Archie comic book.

I totally understand what you mean about old movie serials.. (i used to watch the scarecrow and lone ranger and flash and buck back in the day).. Operative word "BACK IN THE DAY"..

Its no more than more guilty pleasure pandering and just shows that they were REAL short on ideas.

Look at the TNG episodes that featured picard as Dixon Hill. Its the de-facto standard for the nostalgia feel being portrayed and works flawlessly

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Bride of Chaotica is a lot of fun, but if you've never seen old movie serials like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and Republic's Rocketman character, some of it may be incomprehensible. The Captain Proton holoprogram appears briefly in other episodes, but gets the full treatment here. It's sort of a cross between Buster Crabbe's Flash Gordon serials, and Republic's "Radar Men from the Moon" or "Zombies of the Stratosphere" (the latter with 21 yr old Leonard Nimoy in a small role as a Martian).
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