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Re: Voyager Essentials Collection

Totally agree about 7 and the doctor. (they are way better together than say him and Kes).

Probably because the doctor wasnt very developed (as a hologram).. When 7 rolled around, he found someone more socially dysfunctional than he was so he was able to shine.

From your list, the only episodes i skipped were:

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

(The rest are all in season 7 i believe. And i JUST now started Unimatrix 0 part duex)

Thanks much for compiling this!

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You're missing some essential episodes like someone said, "Drone".

I tend to like deep story lines and/or comedy. Also my favorite episodes for season 5-7 are mainly Seven or Doc episodes.

Some of my faves from 5~7:
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Someone To Watch Over Me
Bride of Chaotica
Critical Care
Unimatrix 0 (1/2)
Child's Play
Body and Soul
Workforce (1/2)

Also...yeah...if you are watching for the first time, I would watch them all. No one is timing you.
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