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Hello all, long time lurker (second) time poster. I am looking to write a Data x Worf fic and I was wondering if there were any references in canon or any of the novels that ever suggested a romantic attraction between Geordi and Data or Worf and Data. The reason I ask is because I want to create an original story and not be accused of lifting ideas from established literature. Typhon Pact references do not count (or any references from any line of novels that feature such things as Riker enjoying a cheeseburger on the toilet or the Federaton one-shotting Borg cubes using a 70-year-old Starship Voyager). Let me know, and thank you kindly in advance. LLAP.
I'm not sure what the cause of your crusade against the Typhon Pact novels is but it doesn't belong in this forum. The first part of your question is pretty close to trolling as well. Cut it out.
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