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Re: Marriage in Nutrek

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With young people getting married later ior not at all should these trends be reflected in NuTrek. Have we seen a couple with children that was not married and lived happily together in Trek ever? Should we?
Something like that could be examined in a series format, whether as the focus of one episode or as a story played out across many episodes. But in a movie? No - there's really not going to be enough room to address the subject adequately.

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Instead of tunnel vision-ing on one type of relationship, why not take the realistic route, which is "different strokes for different folks."

IE, different people do different things differently.
Also this.

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Nice that you disregard as merely "kewl" the life choices of your friends. Are you this judgmental in real life, too?

Notice how nobody said that marriage-then-kids is old-fashioned, boring, backwards. Just different strokes for different people.
Isn't that what I said. Read between the lines. Its old-fashioned to marry and have kids in that order. I am old-fashioned. I am not trendy. I am boring (Surely you've worked that out by now if you've read any of my posts )
Aaand iguana gets his sarcasm detector checked.

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I would like to see a couple in new trek married first and then children, its just works better that way.

I know trek is fiction however trek has always reflected our society and this society we live in has proven time and time again that it is best for a child to be raised in a household where the father and mother are either married or are in some sort of commitment (domestic partnership) with one another.

Of course there are circumstances (death of a parent , illegitimacy, domestic violence or divorce) when most children would not be able to experience the traditional family structure.

However , when an opportunity is given for a child to have a mother and father as a married or stable couple, I say no child should be denied that.

For the past 3 weeks since the Travyon Martin case , race and the family unit has been a hot topic in America . 73% of African American (AA) kids are born out of wedlock with absent fathers, this scenarios has contributed to why a lot of African American men go down the thug life which only leads to imprisonment, drugs and death.

Of course this is not just for AA, Its for young men in general. A lot of men (not all) with absent fathers tend do worse in life.

So I say Trek should keep the traditional family unit structure.

Relating my personal opinions to the Trek couples, Carol is now on the ship, if David is born in this timeline, Kirk would definitely be there with her to raise him. Chris Pine's Kirk seems to get more mature with every film so I don't see him not be there for his son.

As for Spock/Uhura, Vulcans have always been traditional. In the comics Spock did defined their relationship as a courtship (you an get more traditional than that). So I don't think they would jump into anything.

which to me, is the way it should be in the real world.

Someone commented on JJ and his view on marriage. JJ is married with 3 kids and his leading female character , Sydney Bristow from Alias. got married and had two kids with her husband by the time the last episode aired

So I don't see JJ straying away from that ideology.

Forgive me for ranting but I am just so sick of how most young people of this generation have come to embrace the baby mama and baby daddy nonsense.
serenitytrek1, you seriously need to start putting your rant posts in your blog and stop dumping them indiscriminately into threads here. A good half of that had nothing whatsoever to do with the topic question raised by the OP. Having opinions about stuff is one thing, but please try to keep your focus on what's being discussed and save the off-topic material for another discussion in which it's actually relevant.
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