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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The Vengeance in this scene is noticable smaller than the one in Locutus' map
You're assuming the trajectory that Vengeance hits the island in the map to be absolute, when it's just an estimate. Rotate the ship a tiny bit and they're a match.
and the shuttle is right in the mouth of the shuttlebay opening within feet of colliding with the structure so it's definitely not closer to the camera.
The shuttle is over the mouth of the shuttlebay from our viewpoint, but it's in front of, not inside. And I ask again, what about the enourmous shuttlebay we cut to immediately afterwards, with 40ft shuttles parked along the sides like they were in STXI? And the layout of the bridge and plaza behind? And enourmous engimeering sections? You're looking for little perspective tricks to prove you're right, while ignoring overwhelming evidence that shows you're wrong.
Yes it is inside, look at the shadow on top of the shuttle.
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