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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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And HERE is Locutus of Bored's crash graphic (I hope you don't mind me uploading it from my HD to photobucket,Locutus, but I couldn't find the original thread)
The graphic you link originally appeared here, but there's a larger version of Locutus' crash map to be found here or here, which shows Vengeance's ~0.8-mile length fitting neatly into the 1.5-mile gap between Alcatraz and the stretch of The Embarcadero between Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf where the crashed ship comes ashore.
Thank you! The one I uploaded was the full size one, it seems photobucket shrunk it down. Bizarro.

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This and this, before it enters the mouth of the shuttlebay and while it's in the mouth.

In both of these pics, the shuttle is closer to the camera than the Enterprise.

How do you explain the enourmous shuttlebay they cut to right after this scene? Do you pretend it doesn't exist? And what about fitting the circular corridor stack under the saucer top dome and fitting the bridge in front of deck 2? They fit perfectly into a 725m Enterprise, any smaller and it would be physically impossible.
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Here is the Vengeance above the eastern tip of the island and right before it goes for a short swim.

The Vengeance/Alcatraz Island size here seems to match Locutus' map.
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