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Surely not an infant, but maybe not a full set of teeth either. If the baby's hungry enough, it could do some damage.

Personally, I'm hoping little Asskicker says amongst the living. Wasn't there a baby mentioned in Woodbury last season?
When Andrea first showed up in Woodbury one of townspeople showing her around the following morning pointed out a woman who was pregnant and due any day now.

I really doubt the baby that will die will be Julia/Little Asskicker. That happening would push Rick ever further down the dark side that he's just recovered from if only slightly. It's more likely a baby from one of the bus-load of red-shirts they inherited and the end of the third season. (Probably the baby of the woman pregnant at Woodbury.)

It's funny, during the marathon segments with Kevin Smith when he's in the zombie-body prop room he points out the Michael Roker (Merle) prop and says they worked together on "Mallrats." Not recognizing Merle I had to look it up and was like, "Holy cow!" and I clearly see it now. Merle was Mr. Svenning (the love-connection show producer/antagonist to T.S. and Bordy during the day) He's the one that got the stink-palmed chocolate pretzels from Brody!
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