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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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in regards to prison guards being guys know about the prison experiment right?

anyway every time I watch somethign about prison life the guards are shown as A-holes and then I start to feel bad for the inmates. But then I'm like wait, these people are criminals, murderers, drug dealers, thieves, why should I feel bad for them. I always get torn on that. You start to sympathize with the characters but their still criminals
No, I was unaware of "the prison experiment". I assume you mean the Stanford one?

While its true that the inmates ARE criminals, we have to remember so are Mendez, Bennett and the Assist Warden chick. Mendez is a drug pusher. Bennett has knowingly broken the law to have intercourse with Daya, and the Assist Warden chick is an

The nice female guard tries to follow orders from Caputo and acts like a "dick" with
Caputo is wrong about treating these people as "inmates' instead of fellow humans and I hope "nice female guard" has learned THAT lesson.
yeah that's the one. I always found that very interesting, unfortunately it didn't end well for the people involved

I haven't seen the whole show yet, we've been watching one episode a night
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