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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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A middle eastern Doctor with a Brittish an upper-crust accent? *arches eye brown quizzically
You know it would be great if, for no other reason, because it would be quite different.
Yeah and he played my favorite Starfleet Doctor. Only second to Dr. Polaski.
I'd love to see it happen but sadly I doubt it will

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I'm calling rigby. Its never going to be capaldi in a million years. He just doesn't fit the demographic. I know rigby is in those BT adverts but he was fantastic in that Morecambe and wise thing.

By tomorrow, I reckon he'll be the favourite. This all happened last time with matt smith if I recall.

The bookies are seldom wrong on this.
Blimey! You know I never even realised that was him! He was very good in that...but I'm still not convinced...

As for the bookies, they're wrong all the time, they were calling Capaldi, Kinear and all sorts of people.
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