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Re: Loved Trek Characters You Just Don't Like

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Even as a child I thought McCoy was a racist prick.
"I think the surface quarreling [between Spock and McCoy] is the fun of testing each other’s ideas. Very often, people who are very deeply affectionate with each other have a surface fight going all the time. I have dear friends who I would never in a thousand years refer to in any way other than ‘you ugly bastard".- Gene Roddenberry (1975)

Although it is true that McCoy is a popular character and your post is in the right thread. You are unfortunately not alone in this misinterpretation of the character.
If more than one person has this impression, then it is really not much of a "misinterpretation," no matter how Gene Roddenberry tried to retcon it in 1975. And the fact that he had to explain it means that quite a few people had the same "interpretation" even back then. Most people don't call their 'friends' names that could be construed as racist, and the writers of the show even had Spock say that he didn't like it. McCoy did it all of the time. . .for no reason at all. . . and that is the reason that *I* don't like him.

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