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Re: New Build, USS Vengeance from Star Trek XII

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Sure, at its core, the NuEnterprise does generally follow the same lines as the original. The difference (to me) lies in the things that changed.

As I mentioned in NuBSG, the landing bays, armaments, etc., I thought were better thought out than the original. There seemed to be more attention paid to technical and military detail in NuBSG than TOSBSG and the NuGalactica's design reflects that. TOS purists would likely disagree.

As I mentioned in NuTrek, the bulbous warp nacelles, curved pylons, lack of imagination over the engineering design (although I loved the new warp core in STID) and inconsistency in scaling IMO detracts from the NuEnterprise design. Many people who like NuTrek would likely disagree.

In the end, it all comes down to aesthetics and a subjective eye to art design. We can rationalize technical details all we want, but in the end it is all simply opinion, which is why I started my second sentence you quoted with "I think", rather than "I know" . Sure the NuEnterprise followed the general shape without deviating too much from the original, but in my opinion, the design choices used to attain that deviation didn't work as well as they did in NuBSG, but they will always get proponents and detractors no matter what they do.

And, since we're on teh Interwebz, EVERYONE has an equal voice on the matter!

Very much agreed about the part where everyone can have their own opinion. And that can talk and discuss is only a good thing, I think.
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