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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Just out of curiosity, can anyone post a link to the Gene Roddenberry quote saying that it is the Yorktown?
Like so many things in the pre-internet era, it was cited from a variety of different sources, but Memory Alpha listed most of them.
Memory Alpha article:
Gene Roddenberry, in a nod to his original name choice from 1964, suggested that the Yorktown was renamed USS Enterprise-A at the end of Star Trek IV, explaining why the latter ship seemed to be launched so quickly at the end of the movie. The Next Generation fourth season writer's technical manual also indicated this to be the case. This was further validated when, in the [Star Trek] Encyclopedia, Mike Okuda described the Yorktown in 2293 as [the renamed Enterprise-A].
Yes I have read all of that stuff too but I have yet to find anything other than someone else saying he said it. Now, don't misunderstand me; I am not doubting the veracity but I am interested in the context. A flippant answer at a convention, a TNG staffer asking him about it, and him originating the idea himself each could have led to this discussion.
And would we be having this conversation if anyone else had made this kind of comment, especially anyone not directly involved with the making of the movies?
Definitely, because it's still a very plausible idea that the Enterprise-A was a renamed existing vessel (be it the Yorktown or some other Constitution-class ship).
New build vs. existing is a different discussion than Yorktown vs. any other ship name. I was referring to the latter (per the thread title.) Sans Roddenberry's opinion, I think we would be talking up the former but the later? Not so sure about that...
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