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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 79; that cringe-worthy awkward moment...

O'Brien: "Sorry sir. Molly's going through a phase right now. She's figured out how to use photoshop and she used my access privileges to get into the personnel files."
Sisko: "Is she the one who defaced my image?"
O'Brien: "She said you'd look better with... your face... upside down. Sorry sir."
Sisko: "Hmm. Bald and goatee... full overhaul of waste extraction, chief... not a bad look at all."

Kira: "I can't believe I kissed you."
Male Star Trek fan demographic: "WE CAN!"

Weyoun: "Because of the Founders and their cloning technology, I can call you spoonheads, 'spoonheads' all I want, and no matter what you do to me, torture me, maim me, kill me, I'll pop up again fresh as a daisy. Spoonheads!"
Dukat: "Ah yes, but we can keep killing you. It's an equitable agreement, and everyone is more than satisfied. Damar. Do the honours for Weyoun... what is it now?"
Weyoun: "Thirty-seven."
Dukat: "Weyoun thirty-seven."
Damar: "Yes sir." pulls out phaser and vaporises Weyoun

Bashir: "Perhaps Kai Win, you should keep the Opera House hat on."
Winn: "Does it look, undignified?"
Dax: "Undignified is a word..."
Bashir: "I don't think an analgesic cream is going to be enough."

Quark os: "Sorry folks, fifties crooner night has been cancelled as Vic is offline for maintenance. He's recommended a replacement, Bez from the Happy Mondays. We're having a nineties' rave night instead. You're going to have to change into hypercolour T-Shirts and baggy jeans."
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