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Re: Question About "Of Gods and Men" Soundtrack...

I suppose I should explain my stance. I am fine with licensed Star Trek music being used for NON PROFIT. I have observed many fans using songs directly taken from existing film soundtracks (such as Star Trek: Valkyrie intro on youtube using the end credits music from "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Star Trek: Nemesis") and I actually don't care that the music is from a copyrighted source, because it is non profit. Also, I have no problem with such videos so long as they take time to credit the original artist (again, Star Trek: Valkyrie comes to mind, due to the fact that they at least credit Jerry Goldsmith, who did the themes used in the video). What disturbs me about this artist is that A) he is claiming HE wrote the music, without giving credit to the original artist, and B) he is making a profit off of it.
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