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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Since Picard didn't do it and I know that Picard is a very good commanding officer, then I can only conclude that a four shift rotation isn't necessary.
Really? That's the only thing you can conclude? kind of a weak deduction, given all the possible variables & lack of information.

Picard didn't write the book on commanding a starship, nor is this one command of his indicative of all command conditions. That Jellico makes them do something Picard didn't make them do is not a reason to suggest he's wrong or a poor captain

And I still maintain that it's a better line of reasoning to suggest that since no deleterious effects of Jellico's orders were ever brought to light, then his orders didn't effect things as negatively as the complaints made it appear they would.

Things may have sucked compared to the good old Picard days, but the potential "Significant" problems Riker complained about were apparently not significant enough to be worth mentioning, once the changes were in place, & no ill effects befell the mission
Excuse me, but Riker claims that Picard wrote the book on the Enterprise, in the Best of Both Worlds.
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