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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Alternate open for SFS is the one that starts with GRISSOM over Genesis, as in script.
TSFS was advertised in fall 1987 as 'coming to ABC this season, first time on network TV.

Then came the 1987 NFL players strike and they rushed TSFS and other movies to fill the "Monday Night Football" timeslots on ABC.

They even used the slogan "Star trek 3--NFL zero that week.

But the fact that they rushed TSFS to air months before it normally would have (after the NFL season ended, when they had 'Monday Night at the Movies in that same timeslot.)---
caused two things to happen...

1. Instead of them asking Paramount for extra footage to fill the 2 and a half hour timeslot--they realized there was no time to pick and re-edit the movie with additional scenes like they did for TMP and TWOK, so.........

2. Instead they butchered the TSFS by cutting OUT 15 minutes of footage to squeeze it into a two hour time slot.

They simply and insanely lopped off the opening kirk & co bridge scene and the first Klingon scene and STARTED the movie with the Grissom!!

I was sickened. I was praying to see 10 or so new minutes of footage and they just chopped whole sections of the movie out because they had no time to logically and carefully edit individual scenes.

So it was NOT a 'alternate' opening--simply the removal of the opening 5 minutes of the movie completely!
Well, IMDB ( report it differently but I surely trust your memory more:

"An early ABC-TV broadcast had the flashbacks of Spock's Death and the opening scene of Captain Kirk on the Enterprise bridge cut for time constraints. Instead the opening fades in on Spock's tube being loaded for launch and then after the opening credits, it switches straight to the scenes between the freighter and the Klingon ship followed by the Enterprise's arrival at Earth."

However the question remains: aside from the cut scenes are there any alternate scenes on the television version?

As far as I know there is no "Director's Edition" of TSFS, it's identical to the theatrical version.

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