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Question About "Of Gods and Men" Soundtrack...

Hey, I have a very serious question about one of the non-profit fan films titled "Of Gods and Men". Specifically, the soundtrack, which is now for sale (!?) has a track titled "End Credits" which contains, however slightly remixed, the theme from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" by Jerry Goldsmith. My question is, how is this legal? The author of the music did not even say "Contains Theme from 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' by Jerry Goldsmith" within a footnote or anything. Granted, the track is a slight remix, but I feel the artist should have credited the late composer. And while I'm at it, does he at least have permission from CBS or the owner to the rights to Jerry Goldsmith's music to do this? As a loyal fan of the late Mr. Goldsmith, I would be appalled to find out that someone is blatantly ripping off his music and calling it their own (which this artist appears to be doing, though I admit I hope I am wrong). So now my final question: how do I alert CBS or whomever holds the rights to Jerry Goldsmith's music that someone is not only selling remixes of their property, but not even crediting the true artist? My sincerest apologies to the artist if he does indeed have the rights to use the music, but I still feet a footnote to credit Jerry Goldsmith should be included. After all, Mr. Goldsmith was sure to credit Alexander Courage in the films featuring the TOS fanfare*, even if they were remixes. The same tradition should still hold true today.

*Alexander Courage's music was also featured in the same track, yet just as it was with Jerry Goldsmith, his name did not appear in a footnote. Both artists deserve better.
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