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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

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I also got into computers because of Star trek (not in the way you might think). In 1975, I found out my Jr. high school had a teletype hooked into an HP2000 mainframe via 110 baud acoustic modem; and one of the things you could do on it was play a 'Star Trek' simulation - and I was hooked

I remember that game. I was in junior high, but since I was a huge ST fan, my sister and her boyfriend invited me over to the high school to play it. The school had a Decwriter:

The only keyboard I had ever used before that day was my parents' manual (non-electric) typewriter, about 30 lbs of iron and a lot of work to operate:

So on the Decwriter they immediately had to tell me not to bang the keys so hard ("Don't kill it!").

The game as I recall was based on the Romulan attack scene in "The Deadly Years." You entered your name and became "Captain (name)", and then the machine would describe some Romulan action and say "What are your orders?" It was a novelty, but even at the time it wasn't that bitchin'. It got a little repetitive.

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