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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


I know I skipped the part about Healy's Ukrainian mail order bride & her Mother, whiny Larry in the bar who's not hitting/hitting on the cute bartender, whinny Larry in another bar with pregnant Polly and involuntarily celibate, hirsute Pete.

What I really regret is not discussing Taystee's parole board hearing, not to mention her 2 friends who were helping her to cram for same and Sophia's contribution by doing up Tastee's hair.

There was even a reminder of Piper's attempts to get Tricia paroled. The chick wrote 3 letters, but Tricia's appeal was rejected.

At least the WASP tried.

Mendez tried to recruit Red into his smuggling ring for 10% of the take, and Red said No! Young Diaz tried to teach the female guard how to play dominoes while Big Boo brought in a new service puppy to train.

yeah I missed that and probably more, but its way past my bedtime, so if you want the stuff I missed, just rewatch the darned show.

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