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Re: New blurbs.... Including a 7 of 9/James Kirk team-up

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Just because I wouldn't even know where to look it up, when does that stardate from Seven's starting point work out to be? Are we talking Seven from the series or during the fleet's return to the Delta Quadrant?
The first two digits in a 24th Century stardate correspond to a Gregorian calender year. For instance, Star Trek: First Contact's stardate of 50893.5 was in 2373. The second digit increases by one for each year, and the year is divided into 1,000 units that make up those last three digits.

So stardate 53786.1 would be three years after ST:FC -- 2376. And the final three digits mean that it's almost three-quarters of the way through the year. So we're looking at late Season Six of VOY for Seven.


Just looked it up on Memory Alpha's VOY Season Six page. It looks like Seven's timeframe is set between "Good Shepherd" (stardate 53753.2) and "Live Fast and Prosper" (stardate 53849.2).
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