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Re: Titan eBook novella coming

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Thanks, everyone. Can't guarantee how often I can make the rounds on the boards, but I'm glad to be here. I took my first stab at Trek with a TNG-era Scotty story I sent into Strange New Worlds way back in 2000; if I'd kept at it, I might have done something like this sooner. But I'm glad to have the chance now!
Welcome aboard ! It would be good if you can find the time to post occasionally, whether or not you've got anything due out.

You might want to contact the moderators regarding getting a 'Writer' tag on your posts !
JJMiller - official Star Trek authors (such as yourself) are entitled to have a custom rank of "Writer" under their name. If you want one, send a message to T'Bonz who will sort it out for you.
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