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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, I'm a newbish. *snerk* Um, I've been a fan of TNG since I was around 12, when I first saw it because it was the only thing on TV (we only had one channel..haha).

My boyfriend bought me all seven seasons on DVD for my birthday, he's a trekkie too, although he likes TOS, and DS9 as well, and I'm not much for TOS, I'm kind of lukewarm about the other series. Maybe because I just haven't seen much of them. I also bought myself the box set of the 10 movies, and have been capping the TNG movies, because I luff them.

My favorite characters..well, I have to say I am a biiiig Data fan. I like Lore too, but that's just because I like the whole "Bad android" factor. It's a cool plot thing. I also think Captain Picard is the best Captain. Of the guest characters, I like Q, and the Traveller. Q because he's such an annoyance. The Traveller because, well, it's just so cool about the whole travelling all over just by thought, and having your thoughts control the universe you are in.
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