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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

B7 was a science fiction series, but it inherited the budget (and schedule) of a recently ended police series (not, as sometimes reported, Z Cars, which didn't end till later that year, but its spin-off Softly Softly, which did end a year before B7 started). Added to which the BBC special effects department wasn't given any extra money or staff, even though B7 meant it had to do an extra 13 'hours' of SF a year .
Still, I can't think of much the Restoration Team could really do to Blake's 7, aside from cleaning up film inserts (which were probably a bit grotty on the original transmission, so sorting them out changes the original episode).
But I would love to see a DVD-option redo of the start to season three, which makes the Intergalactic War look like a proper space battle, not a random assembly of old model footage.
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