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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

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I really liked the movie. Much better than X3 and Origins.

1) Hugh Jackman is great as always as Logan. I think his characters works much better in solo movies.
2) I thought the Mariko and Yukio actresses were excellent. Badass too.
3) The exotic Japanese settings were cool, especially at night.
4) Something about Wolverine's fighting felt more real compared to previous movies.
5) I loved the final fight between Logan and Silver Samurai. Don't know why some people are complaining about it.
6) Enjoyed Ghost Jean. I'm okay with this probably be the last time we see Famke Janssen's Jean character.

1) The Viper character was terrible. She was completely out of place in this movie, and felt like something from X3 or Origins. Also she might have been called Poison Ivy with her similar powers, green outfit, and how over the top she was.
2) All the Japanese males didn't make much of an impression, they were all overshadowed by the Japanese female characters.
3) We never got to see the Wolverine vs huge group of Ninja in the trailers! It was likely cut to keep the PG-13 rating.

The post credits scene! Wow, it made up for all the flaws of the movie. Glad I wasn't spoiled or ruined it for myself by watching it online.
Speaking of the ninja battle...
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