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Re: Best Audio Book?

Wow, I just noticed Zagreus is #50. That's a hell of a deal, it's a 3 Disk 40th Anniversary Special, featuring Doctors 5-8 (And it says on Wikipedia that it also includes 3?). I have it, but, for $2.99 that's an awesome deal for someone who doesn't have it, and since people either love it or hate, it's a great way to see which side you fall on, without risking much. (I'm fortunately one who does like Zagreus a Great Deal)

I have 18 of the First 50, I believe, and 32 I don't have.

The Holy Terror, Colditz, Omega, Davros, and Master, I've heard favorable things about so, they'll probably be first on my list, and I have #2 and #3 of the Dalek Empire Main Range and enjoy them both, so, I'll likely get The Genocide Machine and The Time of Daleks. At some point, I want to continue/Restart with Charley/Eight, so that's another 5 or 6. So, that alone is more than 1/3 of what I need of that first 50, so, I'm likely to get them all at that price. Only Big Finish Story I've heard, that I would regret having paid $3.00 for is the Arabella Weir Unbound as Doctor 3, all the rest of them though would be definitely worth $3.00 each for a first listen....(Mission of the Viyrans, I'd probably complain if I paid much more, but, I got it for free and wouldn't regret having paid $3.00 for it)
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