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Re: Miranda class list of ships resource?

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Aye I'm open to considering at least some of the FASA ships semi-canon
There's really no such thing as semi-canon. Either something's canon or its not. I'm only bringing that up because your OP seemed to indicate you were only interested in canon info. If you're not, then yeah, there's tons of info out there about the Miranda class and names/registries.

Can't wait for that 1:1000 reliant kit.
Is there supposed to be a 1:1000 kit coming out?
Yes in 2014 according to round 2 anyways. It's already been created in test form at the last Wonderfest.

And well semi-canon is my way of saying things that don't fit too far out of the range of what are the established rules laid down by the series. Examples might be ships which were named and registries given but no class identified and can be surmised to fit in with a certain class based on where those registries are most common (like the USS Emden). Stuff which "could" be true lol. The problem I have with Fasa's Miranda list is that all the numbers are concurrent Formidable - NCC-26226 to the Thoth - NCC-26302. That's not how Star Trek ship registries work from what I can tell it's kinda random lol. And other sources like the Dominion War Sourcebook show registries just too far out of the range of established parameters so I don't give it much credit.

However Jtgraphics did a decal set for alternate Saratoga conversion names (Hornet Langley) which look fairly believable within the registry confines.

So far I found this guys list to be relatively believable and the closest thing to what I'm looking for.

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