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Re: RIP Michael Ansara

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Gojira, could the Facebook posting you read had been referring to his son with Eden, whose name looks like it might have been Matthew Michael Ansara? He died in 2001.
No. This is what was posted on Facebook. It included his picture.

It is with sadness that I relay the news that Michael Ansara passed away yesterday evening. He was 91 years old.

Mr. Ansara played Rufus the Red in Season Three's "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph." He was married to Barbara Eden from 1958 - 1974... and appeared on I Dream of Jeannie three times, his most famous appearance being that of the Blue Djinn, the being who had originally imprisoned Jeannie in her bottle. He was also the lead role of Cochise on "Broken Arrow." RIP Mr. Ansara!
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