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Re: Grace Lee Whitney - The Year After Leaving TOS

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There was a British TV show called "Bring Back Star Trek" in which Grace blamed her character getting written out on positive discrimination, or, as you say in America, affirmative action.

If I'm honest, it made uncomfortable viewing for me.
Huh? How would that have worked? She wasn't replaced by anyone. No one got her job. They eliminated the part all together.
The recurring cast got smaller by one to save money. Grace thought that her primary competitor benefited from being African American.

She could be partly right, in that the show might have found it awkward to eliminate its only black actor. But a much greater factor was the way Grace's minority competitor would strip naked and hide under the executive producer's desk to perform oral sex, and gush about how much she loved him. Little did Grace know, there was simply no way to compete with that.
Nichols was only paid a fraction of Whitney's per episode salary (which was comparable to DeForest Kelley's), and only employed as a day player, not a regular. Whitney's release obviously didn't come down to any single issue, it I doubt it had much of anything to do with race.
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