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Re: Star Fleet Universe

If you wanted to get a sense of what kind of fiction exists in the SFU already, there are a couple of options.

One is to have a look for this file (which is now also available on e23), which collects five Klingon-themed fiction works in a single volume.

Another is to keep an eye out for Away Team Log, which will a collect a selection of fiction stories and background articles from the last dozen or so issues of the biannual Captain's Log magazine and make them available in a single volume. ATL will be made available electronically, but it's not clear yet if a print edition will be made available also.

It should be noted that the works compiled for ATL are primarily aimed at covering the "TV empires". There is a significant amount of material in print for many of the "native" SFU factions; but if any of those were to be sieved out of the CL pile, they might (or might not) appear in the planned Final Frontier magazine series instead.
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