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Re: New blurbs.... Including a 7 of 9/James Kirk team-up

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I'm sorry, but as talented as Grex Cox is, the Kirk/7of9 tale sounds silly. My only thought was "Kirk chases a pair of breasts that go beyond any final frontier he's ever encountered"
What you don't think it could be amusing for Seven to smack Kirk down if he tries anything?
But I''m going to give Greg Cox a little more credit than that, as I do like his writing and I enjoy time travel stories most of the time.
Though since it IS Cox, I'm wondering if someone's going to ask if Annika Seven has a connection to Gary Seven...
She fell for Chakotay, what on Earth makes you think she could resist Shatner. Err. Kirk.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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