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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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From an interview conducted with De Kelley in 1989. This is from a Star Trek magazine I bought off Ebay. It came out right after movie V and De Kelley discusses some cut scenes in the movie

Just going to quote De's entire response to this because I think what he has to say about his feelings on the cuts are interesting:

Did You Enjoy the Location Shooting

Yes but so much of what we shot was cut out. We had some spectacular shots up at Yosemite and it was very disappointing that they weren't used. I had been in the hospital 4 1/2 weeks before shooting and I went up there looking skinnier than ever! I think they had great concern for me and they decided to double me on horse work, which we never saw in the film.

We spent a lot of time climbing very high peaks which were not soft dirt but shale. All three of us were doing this and we were going up and down these peaks and all you see of us in the film is one quick shot of us coming around the corner and down a hill. But they filmed us going all the way up and coming back down and we did this several times, "My God, where did all that go?" We did a lot of work and some of it was all-night shooting.

Another scene that I was disappointed was completely cut out was a very brief but I thought it was a good scene. When we're at war down on the planet with the people of Paradise City, one of our men is shot in the leg and Spock and I pull him off to the side. I pull out this "gizmo" that I have and cut his pants leg open and there's a hole in his leg because they're using these antiquated bullets- they were balls or marbles actually. But I put this "gizmo" over his leg and it sucks the bullet out and I catch it and hand it to him and say, "Here's a souvenir for you! Now stay off that leg for at least two minutes!"

It was just a quick moment but Harve was very high on that scene and so was I. I thought it was going to bring a wonderful laugh and it was a cute, clever idea, plus it was typical McCoy. It wasn't in the movie so I called Ralph Winter and he said, "De, when we got it together it just didn't work." Evidently they had screened it somewhere and it just didn't work. I still can't understand why. Maybe it was in the shooting of the scene or the editing.
No matter what excuse Bennett used it was $.

That effect of the device removing the projectile from the soldiers leg would have been a complicated, expensive optical in 1989 and the FX team was behind, inexperienced and incompetant. They weren't going to worry about that little scene when the FX for the entire movie were in a shambles.
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