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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Pretty poor line of reasoning.

It implies that every situation is equal and there is only one "correct" way to do things.

Picard was running a peace time explorer/diplomatic taxi. Jellico was gearing up for what could have been full-scale war.

Plus, we have no proof that Picard switched back to three shifts when he returned to command.
Precisely. I'd add that each captain themselves learned from different commanding officers earlier in their careers. We don't know exactly why Jellico preferred a four-shift rotation as opposed to three: it's possible he made the change because that was how various ships he'd served on worked, and he wanted to try something similar with Enterprise.

Sisko and Kira switched to it in DS9, citing shorter shifts would keep everyone more well rested. That might be optimal in a potential combat situation, and could be Jellico's reasoning. means each section needs 25% more people actually qualified for the position. Also, wouldn't there be sections more important than others?...and NOT something that can be done at the drop of a hat?*

*I mean, it *can* be done, but we never saw if they did it and then ****ed themselves in an emergency.


Geordi: "Bridge we have a coolant leak...standby..."
Jelico: "Engineering?...Geordi....GEORDI!............. "

Geordi: "Standby....(yelling in background)...standby...okay...okay. We got it under control bridge."

Jellico: "WTF is going on down there??
Geordi: "WTF is going on Captain is you have 5% of my team on guard duty, 10% eating in 10 Forward and 5% asleep! Right now half my team are having to run two stations through the same station and tab back and forth!"
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