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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I've bounced around a bit lately; I read all the Mass Effect novels (rather shallow, but entertaining and nifty, excepting the infamous last one), I read Scott Westerfeld's two-novel Succession (wildly creative but dramatically a bit unsatisfying), and now I'm finishing up the Vorkosigan saga - three books left.

The Vorkosigan saga is absolutely utterly phenomenal; it's not precisely Star-Trekkian in theme or content, but anyone who enjoys long stories where people grow and change with memorable characters and interesting sci-fi conceits will love it.

Haven't read much Trek lately, I'm not too into the TOS glut and I'm not caught up on Enterprise, but I might read Leisner's Shocks of Adversity. I really liked his other two, and Shocks was well reviewed here.
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