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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Actually, it was Roddenberry's attempt to explain why there was another Constitution-class ship conveniently there and ready to go for Kirk. Having it previously been the old Yorktown made sense for Roddenberry.
It may have made sense to Roddenberry; that doesn't mean it actually makes sense.
Actually, it does.

If the Yorktown was severely crippled by the "whalesong probe," then she was out of commission for repairs. It's definitely plausible that most of her crew are either recovering from the ordeal, and/or have been reassigned elsewhere during its downtime. Eventually, the Yorktown becomes a quickly-patched up Constitution-class ship just sitting there in Spacedock awaiting a new crew and a new mission. Starfleet decides to rename the ship Enterprise-A and assign it to Kirk's command.
Timo wrote:
Supposedly, the Yorktown was not operational when the Probe departed. The silencing of the Saratoga involved fireworks going off on the bridge; if she and the Yorktown ever were salvaged, then installation of all-new bridge consoles and other fried components would be quite likely. And something of an integration nightmare, no doubt.

Sure, the E-A is different from the E-nil-refit. But not necessarily "newer" in the specifics. Rather, she could be a hodgepodge of older, "less refitted" tech inherited from the Yorktown years (the old-fashioned shuttlebay and the GNDN tubing), and modern duotronics replacing the stuff fried by the Probe.
Exactly. The Yorktown idea is just as plausible as any other for the Enterprise-A.
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