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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

10x12-Line in the Sand: The SG-1 team is doing a field test trying to use the dimensional shift device of the Ancients and spread the fields affect. They had a successful off-world test and this coincides with a Prior threatening to destroy a town if they do not convert to Origin. Leading the invasion for the Ori is Valla's old husband Tomen. SG-1 gets there ahead of the Ori footsoldiers but the device shorts out and doesn't envelope the city. During a fire fight Sam gets wounded while trying to reboot the device. Mitchell comes in and following Carter's direction is able to get the dimension shift back on, however it only envelopes the immediate structure they are in and the Ori foot soldiers see this. They know something is up. Tomen orders Valla taken back to the ship and what villagers they captured put to death.
Teal'C is able to remain undiscovered and works with the town leader to asses the situation. Cue, cowardly villager who is ready to convert just to get rid of the Ori who betrays Teal'C to the soldiers.
Valla, on the Ori ship, is being held by Tomen. Allegedly his penance is to again try to convert her cause she was/is his wife. Instead Valla is able to use her knowledge of the book of Origin to show Tomen how wrong it is and how unscriptural it is to demand the death of those who don't convert.
Mitchell has done a field kit patch job on Sam's wounds and is working to boost the device again. This time using an Ori staff weapon crystal that managed to phase shift with them. His timing is impeccable cause the Prior orders the town lost, therefore destroyed. Tomen helps Valla escape but stays behind. Valla is deposited into what looks like burnt out field but at that moment a phase shift happens and the town and remaining occupants are returned.
Pretty good episode and it seems more and more, but especially with this episode, that they are using Priors/Origin as a stand in for radical Islam.

10x13-The Road Not Taken: Still tinkering with the Ancient phase shifting device Sam is transported into a parallel dimension instead of just made slightly out of phase in her dimension. Here, things are bad. Earth fell into disarray when the Stargate program was exposed. President Landry had to declare Marshal Law and essentially the Constitution has been suspended. While as an a episode it was decent I felt it ill timed as it didn't do anything to really further the main plot with the Ori. With 7 episodes to go this filler episode just felt wasted at this point.
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