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Re:'s "Finale" poll

Rating the real endings:

WYLB/STVI tie - STVI would have won, but then "Guess who's coming to dinner..." isn't as funny as I remembered it.
Terra Prime - About as good an ending as Enterprise would have gotten, considering the circumstances.
Nemesis - just dumb in every way possible.
Endgame - haven't actually seen it yet, but I know what happens, and it's bad. Maybe there's some stuff there that could bump it up above NEM though - wouldn't be hard.

AGT was a good episode. I think. I haven't seen it since it first aired, but my seven-year-old self was quite impressed.

TATV isn't something that I can completely ignore, because it had Shran in it being awesome as usual (even if the situation was dumb, and led to even dumber stuff).
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