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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Voyager had become a travesty by the time they got assimilated by the Borg and just shrugged it off. It's like the intentionally wanted to insult TNG's approach to the Borg.
Picard was assimilated by the Borg, and no one complained that Crusher de-assimilated him between scenes. Yes, he had mental trauma but that was from the massacre he was forced to lead.

Data was assimilated mentally by the Borg, and he never was mentally damaged from it.

Not one episode has a lasting repercussion for the characters. Janeway kills Tuvix, and despite his claims that she will have to live with it, the incident is never heard of again.
Neither was Kirk killing Gary Mitchell, one of his oldest and dearest friends.

Random crew members who have always been supposed to be great friends with the main characters appear out of nowhere and then disappear again completely.
Like in TOS and TNG?

Then they pull shit like that Borg assimilation mentioned above. Picard got ass raped by the Borg physically and mentally and couldn't handle it for years, and Janeway & Co just shrug it off and make jokes about it, and then we never hear of it ever again. Like it was nothing to get your whole body augmented with mechanical implants and then again removed.
Picard wasn't traumatized from having the Borg parts added to him, he was traumatized from how he nearly destroyed Earth because of them. Janeway and co were not mentally assimilated, nor were they forced to kill anyone.

And the Borg vaccine they used (which was only temporary in the first place!) also made sense, they developed it from studies done on Picard, Hugh and any Borg remains that didn't self-destruct.
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