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Re: Janeway's Children

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That's like saying the Unibomber is an alright guy when he's not making or mailing bombs.
I have to agree there.

I mean, I'm a hardcore VOY fan and even most dedicated fans of the show dislike Threshold

The Captain mutates, mates and successfully breeds with a member of her crew. NO other Treks even come close to this level of campy freakshow.

In TNG Barclay devolves into a spider.

In ENT Trip gets impregnated and grows a nipple (admittedly the nipple part was cool).

But only in Voyager do we get mutating, mating AND breeding all at once, I mean THE CAPTAIN of a starship has given birth to three children while she was a salamander. Three children that are still out there in the galaxy.

You have to admit that is much more interesting than Kirk's blonde kid who got killed five minutes after we met him.

Threshold is completely underrated. Starts off as perfectly normal sci fi story about breaking a warp barrier and blahdeblah.. it's surreal and it's weirdass and it's provided viewers with endless jests and speculations about Our Captain's abandoned babies. And I bet the J/P crowd have some happy times too.

Speaking of which, is B'Elanna ever jealous that her husband has already had three children before Miral with her Captain? Does it cause a little tension if it comes up? Of course both Paris and Janeway don't want it to come up, they want to forget about it, but there it is in her service record AND HIS (I just looked it up). Anyone looking up B'Elanna's new hubby she came back from the DQ with is going to go uhhh.... and try and get the lowdown on what happened. So it is NEVER going away.

Oh, here is a present for you haters. It's visitation day and Janeway and Paris take one of their offspring to the Fair before returning him/her to their foster family who actually cares about them.

I wonder how B'Elanna feels about being a step mother?
Your argument for Threshold is solid.

Still don't like rewatching it though.

It did, however, make for some awesome YouTube videos.
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