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Re: Revisiting TAS...

I remember what it was like to be a kid, but even so that doesn't paper over my view of the work as a whole. I can understand the why and how of something being done and still not agree with it.

I love TOS, but there are instances when I would rather they had made a different creative decision that could have been done even within the show's constraints. I generally quite like TAS, but that doesn't soothe my feelings of frustration when I see something that could have been done differently and for the better.

And that's basically why I prefer the ADF adaptations over the aired episodes, because they impress more like how the story could have played out as live-action.

I could be interested in Star Trek returning to animation, but certainly not if it were aimed at the kiddie market. That's not the place to tell the stories that Star Trek was created for. TAS had its heart in the right place, but occasionally things were done (as I see it) that made it easy for some to dismiss it as a kiddie show.
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