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Re: Revisiting TAS...

Speaking for myself I'm grateful for you giving us a chance to revisit TAS by presenting these reviews.
I have a different take on TAS than you do though. I look at the 50ft clones, the episode that went back in time, Bem, the shrinking episode and the force field belts and give them a pass because in spite of it being almost adult fare TAS is a cartoon series that also needs to appeal to children.
For example if the Spock clone was normal size it would all be a bit too much like normal TOS but my 7 year old thought the 50ft clones were great as well as the bats and the plant people in that episode.
I just think that TAS has to differentiate itself in some ways from live-action episodes.

I love the Ambergris Element. I love the aqua shuttle. They should have used it in STID IMO. I don't care that people look the same in the water as out of it (I wouldn't forgive it in live action). And I love the force field belts and wonder why everyone else hates them. OK perhaps they need an oxygen source. But if other people don't like this episode I don't care. Its one of my TAS favourites.
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