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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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In "Encounter at Farpoint", Q appears on the bridge in an American military officer's uniform (Army or Marine Corps, I forget which now). Picard snaps at Q about the "costume" he is wearing, which I have always found to be extremely offensive, as if anyone that was serving in a uniformed service prior to the existence of the enlightened ranks of Starfleet is some kind of barbarian or crackpot. Picard never applies this judgement to his own ancestors' military service, however, most notably the Picard that served in the battle of Trafalgar. Hypocrite.

Another really bad line was uttered by (temporarily evil again) Data, proclaiming that the "Sons of Soong" were going to take over the galaxy or some other such nonsense. Ugh.
It was a Marine Corps uniform and I remember reading somewhere years ago was that it was a replica of GEN North's uniform from when he was testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings.

But I agree with you as well. I'm in the Army and my uniform is not a costume!
It's a uniform now, but in the 24th century, it would be a costume for someone to wear (like a reenactment).
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