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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antedian Ambassadors. Who would've guessed they were really terrorists they looked so trustworthy.
B is for the Beta Quadrant.
C is for Cordrazine.
D is for Delta Flyer. Built using Tardis technology. Bigger on the inside than on the outside.
E is for Enterprise wall sculptures in the 1701-D observation lounge. The Enterprise-B and the Enterprise-C didn't look exactly like the ships we've seen and Jonathan Archer's NX-01 isn't in there at all, but let's just assume the person who designed and made the sculptures took some artistic license or was instructed to make it look a certain way.
F is for Finnegan. Kirk's favorite punching bag. I'd like to see nuFinnegan.
G is for Garrovick. Ensign Garrovick. The son of Kirk's first commanding officer after graduating from Starfleet Academy 14 years earlier.
H is for Hyronalyn.
I is for Iden's Holoship full of Hirogen-programmed holocharacters of Alpha Quadrant aliens.
J is for James R. Kirk. Gary Mitchell spelt Kirk's name correctly in Where No Man Has Gone Before, all the other references to Tiberius as Kirk's middle name are wrong.
K is for Klingon D7 battle cruiser. In widespread use during the 23rd century and officially decommissioned by the Empire early in the 24th.
L is for Leonard Nimoy.
M is for Miranda-class Federation starships, in service in one configuration or another for about a century, beginning sometime before 2285.
N is for Nonsensical gibberish. AKA: technobabble.
O is for Odona, daughter of the Prime Minister of the planet Gideon.
P is for Plato's Stepchildren. That scene where the midget rides Shatner like a horse is brilliant!
Q is for Q. We were warned about him at Starfleet Academy.
R is for Romulan Ale.
S is for Sarek of Vulcan. Born in 2165. Died in 2368. Father of Spock and Sybok. Husband of Amanda, Perrin and - possibly though never confirmed - an unnamed Vulcan princess who preceded the two other women.
T is for T'Pol's Tits.
U is for "Universal Armageddon!" McCoy has a tendency to exagerate.
V is for Voyager 6. Launched from Earth in the late 20th century.
W is for William Shatner's directorial talent.
X is for Xindi-Primates, the ones most like Earth humans.
Y is for Yamok sauce.
Z is for Zetarians.
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