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Re: The ENT and Melakon

2:11 - Precious Cargo

TV Blurb: Trip meets a beautiful princess who is returning from a diplomatic mission, but they're captured and later steal an escape pod, only to land on a creepy swamp planet. No tiny old Jedi masters appear. Teleplay by David A. Goodman; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga. Directed by David Livingston.

Part Shakespeare, part TNG: The Perfect Mate, part It Happened One Night. Two aliens ask for help repairing a passenger stasis pod on their cargo ship. Trip goes over to help and discovers the sleeping passenger is a beautiful woman. But the the stasis field fails and she wakes up. And Trip's situation goes downhill from there.

It's a bit of an old fashioned screwball romantic comedy, with some nice touches. Connor Trinneer and guest star Padma Lakshmi work well together and are an attractive couple. There's also a funny scene where Archer, T'Pol, and Reed try to get information from one of the aliens by staging a mock inquisition.

I liked the episode well enough. It's nothing earth shattering, but just a pleasant little trifle. Director David Livingston does give us a few takes featuring Lakshmi's physical attributes, for which I'm sure others besides me were grateful.

Though I wondered what it would have been like if they hadn't used Trip as the featured character. What if it had been Malcolm? Spit and polish Malcolm, who never has much luck with women, finding himself squeezed into a one-person escape pod with a equally pretentious woman he can't get along with. Old doom and gloom Malcolm. Malcolm with the stiff upper lip. The setup would have had to be different, since he's no engineer.

A few years ago, cookbook author Padma Lakshmi ate a hamburger for a Carls Jr commercial:

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