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Re: Janeway's Children

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I always wondered that as well. It fixed Janeway and Paris easy enough. What deadbeat parents just abandoning your kids on a deserted planet. They're gonna be angry when they grow up.
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Dang, R. Star, I think you just discovered the plot to a possible Voyager movie!
Could it be... "Wrath of the Salamanders?"

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In all honest I actually kind of like Threshold. If you overlook the lizard part, the warp 10 parts were interesting
That's like saying the Unibomber is an alright guy when he's not making or mailing bombs.
I have to agree there.

I mean, I'm a hardcore VOY fan and even most dedicated fans of the show dislike Threshold

I am rewatching TNG at the moment from beginning to end and in one episode they go over Warp 10 and DO NOT turn into hyper evolved lizards. So I think it's BUNK.
*raises hand*

I'm another hardcore VOY fan here who INTENSELY dislikes this episode.

Actually, it is perhaps the one Star Trek episode of any series that I have tried to re-watch and absolutely cannot. It just hurts to watch the part with his teeth and tongue... my fears of oral and throat cancer will not permit it. =(
WWJD... What Would Janeway Do?
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