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Re: Changing the status quo - Good or Bad?

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A tough question but I was reading "The Eternal Tide" and was thinking about a tough question--how much is too much change from the status quo? What is the "line" for you guys in terms of altering the setting?

Obviously, we've had some really big changes to the SQ but other people think the destruction of the Borg was a bad thing. Others still love the return of fan-favorite characters while others believe death should remain sacred.

Is it a "as long as it's done well" for you or do you like seeing the novels shake it up?
The criteria for "Done well" varies with the type of story. A "Done well" first contact story has a much lower bar than one that brings back a character who was previously dead. There's been much more than enough of the "back from the dead" stories, both in the shows and the books, that it's pretty much an impossibly high bar for me. For the most part, they're a cheat, letting the writer get the emotional response to the death of a character while allowing them (or a later writer) to simply press the reset button and make it all better. Feh. That's not science fiction, that's fantasy. Trek is on the fringes of science fiction at the best of times I'd rather it move close to the science that further away from it when dealing with something as important as a character death.

What would the effect be on NuSpock be if we found out that Vulcan, and by extension everyone on it, was not destroyed by the black hole but simply shifted in time and space to the past? With time travel being a given he could go back and save everyone, thus undoing the need to destroy it in the first place.

There's a belief that that is why Kirk fired on Nero's ship in STXI, because Nero was simply going to travel further into the past again. Red Matter black holes may not actually destroy anything, the may simply be time portals.

If a death can be undone, does that not mean that everyone is now immortal as long as someone cares enough to go back and save them?

With Trek being a shared universe, whatever "rules" one person puts in place can just as easily be changed, deleted or simply ignored by another. It makes it difficult to believe the characters when they say "nothing can change" or "there was noting we could have done" when something horrible happens. As a result, it makes it much more difficult for me as a viewer or a reader to care about the supposed "big changes" when they do occur. It can all be undone with the snap of Q's fingers, a phased tetryon beam or an appearance by
"godlike alien race #27"".
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