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Re: What do we know about the years between ST5 and ST6?

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I've always found this interesting. IIRC the events of Star Trek V occurred in 2287, with VI coming in 2293. A pretty significant gap.

Do we have any idea of what the Enterprise's mission was like in those years?
Here's my recent thread about novels in the movie era.

I'd love to see more novels in this era.

This is the timeline of the stories that happen between STV and STVI. Not all of them are about the Enterprise. What some of these codes mean, I'm not sure.

{Stardate 8454.1} Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (ST novelization)
{Stardate 8461.7} In the Name of Honor (TOS #97)
{Stardate 8475.3 to 8501.2} Probe (TOS)
Pathways (VGR)
The Rift (TOS #57)

Pathways (VGR)
“Legal Action” (TOS, SNW V)
Starfleet Academy (ST computer game novelization)
Day of Honor #4: Treaty’s Law (TOS)

{Stardate 8988.2 - 9049.7} Excelsior Forged In Fire

The Captain’s Table #1: War Dragons (TOS)

“jubHa’” (SNW III)
{Stardate 8764.3 to 8774.8} Cacophony (ST audio)
{Stardate 9029.1 to 9029.4} Envoy (ST audio)
{Stardate 9121.4} Mere Anarchy #5: The Blood-Dimmed Tide (TOS eBook)

{Stardate 9498.3} Bloodline (TOS Wildstorm graphic)

Blood Will Tell #1: Against Their Nature (ST Klingons IDW graphic)
Blood Will Tell #2: Beneath The Skin (ST Klingons IDW graphic)
Blood Will Tell #3: The Order of Things (ST Klingons IDW graphic)
Blood Will Tell #4: Blood Reign O'er Me (ST Klingons IDW graphic)
Blood Will Tell #5: Losses (ST Klingons IDW graphic)
The Last Generation #1 Do Not Close Your Eyes (Myriad Universes IDW graphic)
{Stardate 9521.6 to 9529.1} Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (ST novelization)
EDIT: You can also type in the year (2287, 2288, etc...) in the search engine at Memory Beta and it will give you a list of all published works placed in that year.
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