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But by putting TAS on the Saturday morning schedule it speaks of a particular mentality, a viewpoint toward the subject matter.
On the part of the network, yes. But it doesn't make sense to assume that the people actually making the show felt the same way about it. I mean, of course they had to make it appropriate for that timeslot and eliminate most of the violence and sexy stuff. But other than that, the writers were told to approach it the exact same way they would've approached TOS, just with an unlimited budget for sets and effects.

Hey, I just call it as I see it.
And what we think we see is very often wrong, since we very rarely see the full picture. Which is why it's just good sense not to confuse "as I see it" for "as is undeniably true." Especially when it comes to making negative assumptions about the motivations or talent of people you've never met and are not qualified to judge. That's just plain rude.
I can try to explain my impression toll the cows come home, but what would be the point? I didn't say it was a fact. I said thats how I see it as in thats the impression I get. I'm also not saying everybody on the creative staff thought as the network did. I just wonder if some of the creative decisions might have been different if the show had been taken more seriously.

Animation has its advantages over live-action in terms of what you can show, but that doesn't automatically mean you should do practically just anything just because you can.

"The Infinite Vulcan" is an ideal example. They used animation to good effect to show things that would have been at best challenging if not flat out impossible as live-action---I'm referring to the very cool Phylosian life forms and landscape. But then everything is undermined by the creative decision to make the Spock and Keniclius clones WAY oversized. Except for the limited animation style you had a first-rate story worthy of TOS and then you turn it into kiddie fare with fifty foot clones. It's a complete WTF!!! moment. Now how many people remember this episode for its very cool story and ideas and how many just remember and laugh at fifty foot clones? It's somewhat reminiscent of "Spock's Brain"---a potentially good SF story idea undermined by lazy or sloppy creative thinking in terms of execution.

Now there isn't anything nearly as blatant as fifty foot clones in "The Ambergris Element," but a little extra thought regarding some visual elements would have telegraphed volumes about the intent to do the story in the best possible way. But if you have the attitude "It's just a kiddie show so who cares?" then not surprisingly some things are going to be done (or not done) that reflects that attitude.
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