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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Was it from any superior VHS recording? The YouTube version has some garbling and warping at the beginning and end.
What are you referring to here?

The TVH prologue?
No, the Showest Wrath of Khan trailer (I was confused also).
I believe we can be happy with the YouTube version Harvey indicated ( Old VHS copies usually don't look much better than this.

It would be really 'nice' if someone would be able to get a copy of the full workprint from the UCLA archive, at least the audio... :-)

By the way: in this "trader" page http://workprintsandrarefilms.webs.c...onversions.htm it's listed a STAR TREK THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK television version with the following description: "This version is the ABC version which contains an alternate opening and a few alternated scenes."
I know from IMDB ( that the ABC version does not have the full WOK initial scene, but what about the "alternated (or alternate?) scenes"?

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