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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!


Sandtroopers were already gone by the time I got there. Not surprising, since army builders will go fast. I managed to snag the very last Luke, R2, and Maul on the pegs.

R2 all kitted out. I'm really happy that he comes with everything that he does, considering he's much smaller than the rest. I don't quite feel right dropping 20 bones on him, but oh well.

And here is Luke and R2 together. So yeah, R2 is a bit too small. He should be about mid-chest height on Luke. Instead he's about waist height.

Another one of Luke.

Maul's cloak looks great, but it does restict the articulation in the arms a fair amount. It's interested to note that the head is actually sculpted to the hood which keeps it looking right, and he comes with an alternate hoodless head.

Seen right here.

Both of Maul's and Luke's lightsaber blades are removable and the hilt can be worn on the belt. That's a very nice touch. Also Maul's hilt splits in two so that you can recreate the later stage of the duel.
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